wedding planning continues: our non-traditional receptionI’ll call my fiance Mr. P. Mr. P and I have decided to do a non-traditional reception. We don’t want to do a formal sit down dinner. From my personal experience at weddings, I eat too much, get way too full and just want to take a nap after a four-course meal. I’m not in the mood to get up and dance. I’m usually in a food coma!

For our reception, we wanted more than a cocktail reception but didn’t want a buffet so what we came up with is more of a tapas style reception. There will be plenty of food, trust me! We’ll have between six and eight passed appetizers, four to five food stations, plus a bunch of desserts to choose from. Mr. P and I are huge dessert fans. We haven’t gotten all the details down but are working with Linda from Food For Thought. She’s been wonderful! Really helpful and so easy to work with. I”m looking forward to our next proposal from her and I can’t wait to go for the tasting!

We tried contacting other caterers such as Levy Restaurants and Blue Plate, but Linda from FFT has been so much more personal. She didn’t send me some generic e-mail about pricing like Levy did. Instead, she called me to talk about what Mr. P and I wanted for our wedding. Blue Plate hasn’t gotten back to me yet either so I’m thinking we’re just going to stick with FFT. Plus I’ve read great reviews and have been told that they are the best. Nothing but the best for this wedding!

Other non-traditional things we want to include: Our seating will be a bit different. Truth be told, I don’t want to mess with seating charts. So we’ve decided to let everyone choose who they want to sit with and where. There will be enough seating so all can claim their spot and sit down at once. We’ll have a few 60-inch rounds and a bunch of bistro tables and high boys. I’m still working out the details, and am hoping our wedding coordinator from Cafe Brauer will help me with this one. The goal I’m hoping for is that all our guests will be enjoying themselves, mingling, eating, dancing, and drinking all night.

We are debating on whether we should have a wedding cake. I’d love to have a whole slew of desserts, so I keep going back and forth with this one. Some ideas that we thought of would be a bride and groom cake, some seasonal desserts, and a cupcake tier. Side note: I’m obsessed with cupcakes.

I’ll probably get a few different flavors of cupcakes, maybe some pumpkin cheesecake, apple cider…the possibilities are endless! Hopefully, everyone gets something they like. This is another tasting I’m looking forward to. I can’t wait to go around Chicago and taste a little from every bakery! I’ve contacted Amy Beck…I loved her work on her website. She had a giant cupcake as a bride and groom cake, and I love it! Trying to get Mr. P to love it too: Challenge accepted! There’s also The Sugar Syndicate and Bittersweet that I still have to contact. I’ve heard good things about all of them and can’t wait to taste! Any other bakeries that I should check out?

We’re still throwing some traditions in like a bouquet toss, a garter toss (I think…we’ll see what Mr. P says). What other traditions am I missing?