Finding the perfect wedding photographerAfter all the frustration of choosing a reception site, choosing a photographer was a piece of cake. I knew what I wanted and I had found a few photographers that I liked, so all we had to do was meet them. I chose three in different price ranges. I was looking for a photojournalist, but also a wedding photographer who could capture my day…or I guess I should say our day.

First up was Kevin Weinstein . His work is amazing and I love his style. He was at the higher end of our budget, but we really liked him, so decided we should meet. If we like him enough, maybe we can figure something out, right? Plus he seemed like a really fun guy to work with.

Our second was Pamela Luedeke . We also loved her style. It was similar to Kevin’s, but she definitely puts her stamp on her work. She was really laid back and we hit it off right away.

The third was Susan Ryan . She was such a nice person and we liked her work, but the others fit our style better.

So who did we chose?

Pamela Luedeke! We can’t wait to work with her!